Method / Philosophy

I am here for you.

"My primary goal is that you can first arrive and take time to gain confidence.

What I offer you is a safe space. A space from whence you can draw strength. An encounter without any evaluation or abasement. But also a space in which you can face your demons and in which hard work is done.

Psychotherapy is no walk in the park, but rather a process of change which can also sometimes be quite marked by sorrow and pain.

The goal, however, is to be freer and lighter at the end: not to be another person, but to be happy and at peace with oneself."

Thomas Leitzsch

What I can offer you.

Psycho-oncology: psychotherapeutic treatment both during and after cancer treatment

Behavioural therapy: development of therapeutic strategies individually designed to support you in overcoming mental issues

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thomas leitzsch portraitPhoto: Heino Klemenz