About Me

Photo: Heino Klemenz

Personal Info

One look at my life will show that I haven’t always followed “the straight path.” Some people I have met have regarded these periods as “breaks”; I like to look at them as “leaps,” since every change requires the motivation to take part in such changes, and I was the driving force behind them all: to leave my hometown and make my own home, to find a profession that fits with my own strengths and to continually learn, to meet people and to grow.

Studying psychology allowed me to acquire a scientific way of thinking and working. With this tool in hand, I then attended an officially recognised training institute to learn the art and science of psychotherapy. During this time, I was fortunate to have some very beautiful—and also some very difficult—experiences in the context of my inpatient and outpatient work, and finally I gained my licence to work as a psychological psychotherapist. Today, this allows me to help others by means of the tools in behavioural therapy in their own learning and growth processes when they are no longer able to make progress by themselves.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data

Educational Background

2005 – 2006 University of Regensburg, Regensburg
2006 – 2007 University of Konstanz, Konstanz
2007 – 2011 Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen-Nuremburg
Diploma in Psychology (2011, mark of 1.7)

Professional Experience

1998 – 2002 Provincial Veterinary and Food Inspection Office, Rostock
Training as biology laboratory technician
05.2011 – 04.2014 Clinic at the Europa Canal / Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry, Erlangen
Certified psychologist at the intake and crisis intervention station
10.2011 – 03.2018 Training as psychological psychotherapist at the Institute for Behavioural Therapy and Sexology
Behavioural Therapy track
05.2014 – 12.2015 kbo-Isar-Amper Clinic, Taufkirchen an der Vils / Forensic Psychiatry Clinic
Certified psychologist at the open, extended care station
01.2016 – 06.2018 Specialised psychotherapeutic outpatient care for sex and violent crime offenders
Certified psychologist
ab 07.2018 University Hospital Regensburg, Dept. of Psycho-Oncology
Psychological psychotherapist


Internships and Volunteer Work

In addition to the above, I completed an internship in basic research at the Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine in the research project on apoptosis as well as required internships during my studies (one as a medical writing intern at RPS Research Germany, and one as an intern at the F2 station with an emphasis on psychotic patients at the forensic psychiatric clinic in Erlangen). During my years of study, I also held various jobs, ranging from working on the conveyor belt of a mustard factory, being a call-centre specialist, and serving as an undergraduate research assistant in various projects at the University Hospital Erlangen. Furthermore, I have continued to assist on a pro-bono basis the patients whom I got to know during my internships.

Thus, I have been able to experience not only the ivory tower of the university, but also the nitty-gritty of everyday life, and can bring all these experiences to bear on my therapeutic practice.